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Exorcism is Healing


Not by might

nor by power

but by My Spirit

Zechariah 4:6


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Spoken word


Every time before Jesus healed someone the bible says He was moved with compassion. Over the course of my life God has put me through situations that have increased my compassion for people. To be honest being burdened for people was not a natural emotion for me as a young man but as the course of life took place I became increasingly more compassionate for people, especially those in spiritual bondage. It always bothered me that I knew demons were occupying peoples souls and nothing seemed to be done about it. You do not step into this ministry in one day, it is a process of refinement. When you have been broken yourself and you see the mighty hand of God rebuild and restore you, you can relate to other broken people. God allowed me to be broken so that He could rebuild me as a new man, a man trained and ready to stand at the front line of God's army in full combat against the dark forces that oppose Gods people. So God filled me with compassion, might and skill to stand face to face with the demonic realm to free Gods people. It is not our power but Gods power. We are instruments of might in the hand of God against Satan's kingdom.

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