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Release Agreement and Waiver of Claims



1.Ps Selwyn Van Wyk from Unseen Realm will give a spiritual evaluation based on the completed profile form, and from brief initial telephone, or email discussions prior to the initial in-person or Zoom session.


2.Based on the assessment Ps Selwyn will conclude what approach to take, this may include counselling, inner healing, using ministry, using ministry counselling techniques and protocol.


3.Ps Selwyn Van Wyk may recommend the client to see a psychologist or counselling therapist if he feels that needs to be part of the healing process to bring emotional stability.


4.The identification of spirit entities will only take place in session, and if Ps Selwyn recognises the high likelihood of these entities, through patterns displayed in the profile form and early conversations, then he will provoke and confront these entities to bring them out of where they have embedded. themselves, so that they can be disconnected from the person’s life.


5.Unseen Realm has a mandate belief that spirit entities are separate from the mind construct of the person, having their own autonomy, agenda, and evil virtues. Unseen Realm has a mandate belief that these entities are fallen beings, part of Lucifer’s kingdom, as clearly written and revealed in the Holy Bible.


6.Unseen Realm has a mandate belief that we are simply doing what Jesus did and displayed in the Holy Bible. Our motivation is mandated from this statement that Jesus said, “the works that I do you will do also, and greater works than these you will do,” John 14:12.


7.The client acknowledges that Ps Selwyn Van wyk desires to free those in bondage to Satan, therefore. may use gifts such as prophecy, word of knowledge, discernment of spirits, to bring more complete. healing to the person.


8.Ps Selwyn Van Wyk videos every ministry session, whether on Zoom or in-person as part of the defined technique of information gathering, that in experience he has found brings further effectiveness in the healing process.


9.This video footage is only for the eyes of Ps Selwyn Van Wyk, and if Ps Selwyn feels that this video. session would be a powerful testimony to others needing freedom, through the vehicle of social media, it WILL NOT BE RELEASED on any social media platforms without your signed and agreed consent.


10.All video, or documented information regarding the client’s private information will be confidential and not disclosed to anyone but the client.


11.All prior discussions to this agreement are superseded by this agreement.

This agreement is entered into between Unseen Realm/Ps. Selwyn Van Wyk and:

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