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This is a 2-3 hour deliverance session of inner healing. Please note that this includes processing your profile form, studying your case, preparation strategy, phonecall, researching your ancestry and necessary trait symptoms in order for me to approach the session with a strong strategy. This also includes a short 20 minute interview before this session just to put your nerves at ease and to assess whether indeed you need an Exorcism or there are other more plausible factors at work. For follow up sessions which are almost always the case I provide concessions so that the costs are bearable and fair for you and myself. Thank you, Selwyn 

In-person session

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  • Our plan is to use the time we have with you effectively without wasting any opportunities. Through experience the profile form saves you at least one session. we can thoroughly go through it and come prepared with a plan to your first session.

  • We do offer a refund of 80% of your funds if you are unsattisfied with the results. We urge individuals to remember that this is not a purshase of freedom, the freedom comes from your determination to overcome, your faith in God. We are here to to walk with you through ther journey to your freedom.

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