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Who is Unseen Realm

Unseen Realm Process for Ministry

Step 1 - Contact Selwyn Van Wyk by email at 

Step 2 -I will reply with a link for you to fill out the profile

Step 3 - We arrange a 30 minute phone-call to discuss your profile form.

Step 4 - Following the phone-call book your Zoom in-person deliverance session here.

Step 5 - You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and a preparation video on how to prepare for your spiritual encounter.


Latest Interviews


Patrick Meehan

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Patrick Meechan


Justin Daubenmire

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The Blind Exorcist


Bob Larson

Paperback Book

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      Ministerial Qualifications and Credentials of Selwyn Van Wyk

  • Bachelor of Theology specialising in Ministry

  • Masters in Theology specialising in Demonisation

  • International School of Exorcism and Advanced Academy of Deliverance

  • Dynamics of DID, Primary Identity Approach, Bringing Healing to DID

  • Ordained Minister from Team Impact Christian University

I am a third generation pastor of healing and deliverance that deals with complex cases involving Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Dissociated Identity Disorder (DID) also called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), trauma related Schizophrenia, abuse and diabolical torment. This ministry is focussed and called to walk you through your struggles. I work with psychologists and counsellors when needed, so that we can offer maximum help to your situation. This is a high level professional Ministry of Healing, under the authority and power of Jesus Christ. We are located in beautiful Brisbane Australia. My name is Selwyn Van Wyk and I am an ordained minister, with a Masters Degree in Theology, specialising in spiritual warfare. I welcome you to the Unseen Realm. In my experience, the road after receiving freedom from diabolical struggles and torment, can be a challenging one, and so discipleship is necessary for a consistent walk of freedom. We offer that help following ministry, so that people can be empowered in their journey ahead. Do not hesitate to ask us for discipleship assistance.





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